Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hongkong show is not encouraging

 Hongkong Gems and Jewelry show is the biggest show in Asia. Jewelers and gem dealers were expecting good sales in Hongkong fair. There was a sign of revival in Gems and Jewelry trade in Mumbai show after long time. Jewelers and gem dealers were expecting some good days in hongkong show. However, it was not as good as expected.

Large number of gemstone dealers from Jaipur also participated in the show but most of them are discouraged. America is not yet recovered from recession. economy of America is slow. European countries are following the same track. The only hope for the Jewelers and gemstone dealers is India. India is doing well. There are good sales and consumption of color stones and diamonds in India.

It seems that domestic market will support the Jewelers but not overseas market.

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1 comment:

  1. Jyoti,
    jaipur Jewellers had a lot of expectations from HK Gems and Jewelery show. But this is proven as dude.
    Indian market is doing well and that is the only hope for Gems and Jewelery dealers of Jaipur.
    Thanks for proper and relevant information.