Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jaipur Jewelry Show Seminar on heat treatment

Seminar on heat treatment of ruby and sapphire is organized at Jaipur Jewelry Show 2009 on December 21st. Mr. Bhandari, in-charge described technicalities of heat treatment. Mr. Bhandari is a chemical engineer from IIT, Delhi.

He told that Bangkok and Chantaburi in Thailand adopted the process in 1980s and Jaipur lagged behind. There are heat treatment plants in Sri Lanka too. Jaipur Jewelry show has sponsored and facilitated heat treatment plant and laboratory in Sitapura. It is now serving gem dealers of Jaipur.

Mr. Bhandari told that heat treatment is globally recognized and at least eighty percent of rubies and sapphires from all over the world are heat treated. he added that the process enhances quality of both ruby and sapphire gemstones.

Corundum ruby mined in India can not be heat treated with available processes. It needs a lot of research work to start treating corundum from Indian origin.

He answered queries of Rajendra Baradia, Jyoti Kothari and few other members attending seminar.

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