Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nirmal baradia group won Jaipur Jewelers Association election

Jaipur: May 09, 2010

Nirmal Baradia group won the election of Jaipur Jewelers Association.
Members of Jaipur Jewelers Association voted to chose their executive committee members. This was a bi-annual (2010-12) election.

Two major groups were contesting in this election of Jewelers Association, Jaipur.

One group was headed by Nirmal Baradiya. that won the election. They have bagged eight seats out of twelve. Pramod Agrawal (Derewala) group bagged rest of four seats. Other members of Nirmal Baradiya group who won in the election are Arun Gokhru, Rajesh Dhamani, Sanjay Kala, Dilip Godika, Pramod Lodha, Namrata Ghiya and Vijay Jaju.

Anil Bumb, Rajendra Sabu and Ashok Singhi are the other winners from Pramod Derewala group. There was a tie between Kamal Kothari and Ashok Singhi. Kamal Kothari withdrew in favor of Ashok Singhi.

Both the group heads Nirmal Baradiya and Pramod Derewala have won the election.

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